Without the appropriate recommended level of Loft insulation, currently, 270mm thick, your heat is literally going through the roof, wasting your money on energy bills.
Installing Cavity wall insulation into the walls of your home, you will save up to 30% on your heating bills, improve your home comfort, add value to your property and can payback your investment in around 3 years.
As well as insulating your home on the outside with external wall insulation, there is the option of insulating your home from the inside with internal wall insulation.
Insulation Solutions Scotland Ltd work with several External Wall System manufacturers to ensure we provide the right system for your needs.


Insulation Solutions Scotland Ltd aims to be at the forefront of commercial and domestic energy saving initiatives, supporting our vision of working towards a greener world by improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and lowering energy costs for businesses, organisations and householders.

Why Insulate?

Reduces Costs!

Department of Environment figures show that an un-insulated house loses heat in the proportions shown. As you can see, the greatest amount 35% is lost through the walls with a further 25% through your loft.


You can stop this and make significant savings – with effective insulation.


Reduce Environmental Damage

By insulating your property correctly, you can make a significant contribution to the reduction of fossil fuel consumption –helping to improve the environment for you and for generations to come. This is because only natural materials, like re-cycled glass, are used in the manufacture of insulation products. So it’s completely free of CFCs and HCFCs and won’t have any effect on the ozone layer.

Reduce the Risk!

Reduced heat flow through the structure keeps the inner wall surfaces and the air inside warmer. This dramatically reduces the risk of condensation and mould growth, and also greatly reduces the damage that they can cause to your walls, floor, roof, furniture and much more, making home insulation a fantastic all round improvement for your home, and a great benefit for your house, your health and your bank account!

Home Insulation Grants Available

Grants are provided by the Government through energy companies, and are available to all home owners throughout the UK. Insulation Solutions Scotland can access this funding directly to minimize the cost of your insulation. As long as you need insulation you will qualify for a proportion of the cost.

Here at Insulation Solutions, we do all the paperwork for your home insulation grants. There is little reason not to insulate– it is possible to do at a reasonable price, it reduces energy consumption and saves you money. Not to mention keeping you and your families warm during the winter and cool during the summer!